ome associates ltd

Our vision

To build a group of Companies with a major stake in local and global economies and create value for shareholders and customers.


Creating businesses through Strategic Partnership.

About Us

Ome Associates Limited is a Business Development and Investment Company with broad business interests spanning Real Estate investment, Development and Sales, Information Technology, Business Support Services and General Contracting. To achieve its corporate objectives, the Company collaborates with a wide network of strategic partners with expertise in different sectors of the Nigerian economy and other economies of the world offering superior value proposition that delight our teaming clientele as well as create wealth enhancing products and services opportunities through professional sales agency that earn facilitators commission using our sales platforms (FMG Platform Empowerment Ltd)


We engage and get into partnership with individuals, Organisations, Government Agencies with superior value proposition to create opportunities that create enhance and make wealth creation and management possible risk free. Our affiliate Companies, FMG Platform Empowerment Ltd, and FMG Platform Multipurpose Cooperative, FMG Insurance Brokers Ltd, FMG Properties Ltd, I-skill Ltd and other strategic partners serve to provide wealth enhancing products and services that allow us to achieve our vision and our mission. FMG Platform the Business Development and Empowerment Platform has effective ways for its Members to build businesses with its duplicable, turnkey marketing system. It provides a great opportunity for individuals to become Entrepreneurs and build their own businesses from little or nothing. Double the profitability of their Businesses as well as access Mentorship. Each Member of the Platform becomes an independent business owner that operates within a virtual platform with access to our environment and Platform. So with FMG Platform, you’re never a number, but a valued neighbour, your local Associate is eager to help. While many people will experience successful careers within OME, each FMG Platform Associate’s success level represents individual Member experiences. As each individual differs, so will his/her specific results. Work ethic patterns, activity levels and dedication all play a significant role in determining the outcome that one may achieve and in his/her ability to control his/her destiny on an ongoing basis. Any current Member’s individual results are not representative of what all participants achieve when following the OME system.

Housing solution for EVERYONE

Individuals, Co-operative, State government and Federal government FMG is calling on everyone let’s resolve the issue of housing deficit in Nigeria

Ongoing projects

Completed/Partnership Estates

Here are some of the projects we have successfully complete along with the ongoing sales and partnership deals